Change App Name

Can i change the app name?
This operation has some side effetcs?

@dowmeister Make sure that the author and app name are identical in every version. Changes in these parameters will change the UID of your app and cause issues, so make sure that they remain consistent through every update.

Of course, if you didn’t publish your app to the store yet, so there should not be a problem.

my app is published, unfortunately.

So I can’t change from Trucky Overlay to Trucky for Windows?

should be defined something like an package name as in mobile apps and leave the display name free to be changed.

You have the “dock_button_title” manifest flag, to change the name of the app in the dock easily:


But we don’t have an “easy” option for a complete name change. We can do that directly on our DB using our R&D, but as far as I know, it will reset your stats (the system treats it as a new app).
Would you consider such a solution?

Ok so I can change the app name shown in Dock in Trucky for Windows but will be always Trucky Overlay in overlay settings and on app store?

@dowmeister the “dock_button_title” manifest flag will change your dock app name and the name in the developers tab:

And “App title” can change the store name (Not sure if you can do that or only us):

So basically I think that solves most of your issues without any hassle.

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In store listing for me it’s disabled

Thanks a lot Eran, i will change the app name when i will be ready.

OK DM me when you want to change the app title. I will change it for you in the dev console.

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Hi @eransharv , i’m ready to change the app name from “Trucky Overlay” to “Trucky”. Already changed in “dock_button_title” attribute in manifest.json
I’m sending this version in QA, i think will be approved early next week.
I will contact you when it’s done.


Once your version passed the QA, tell me here to change the app name, and I’ll do that.

@dowmeister Hi. I changed the store name of your app to Trucky. It should be updated in the next hour— no need to wait for the QA as you already changed the name in your app’s manifest.

I will go ahead and close the ticket. Mention me if there are any additional issues with it.