Change keyboard layout in the PUBG

Description: Changing the language works correctly before the game starts

But after starting PUBG - the language changes only in PUBG itself, the program stops responding to language changes.

Do you have any options why this might be?

Sorry for the late response - We will take a look at this and let you know.

Until then - is this happening on windows 10 or windows 11?

Another follow-up - can you try to select the overwolf browser (easiest way to open it is from developer options under about in the settings app), and change the language there, to see if it works? (obviously, you’ll need to make sure you can type in there first before switching)


This happens in Windows 10.

Before and after starting the game - language switching works.
If you focus on overwolf browser when the game is running, then switching the language will also work in the app, but after closing the browser window and returning to the game, it does not work again

We’ll look into it on our end. Thank you for the report!

Is this issue still happening?
And if so, is it happening with any specific app? (is it also reproducible with the sample app if you simply add a text field to it?)