createVideoComposition multiple segments

Heya, trying to play around with the createVideoComposition API, but for some reason, if I use more than one segment (which trims properly when used just with one) the results are unexpected (but consistent as long as you keep the same segments array).
the first segment is always in the right spot - what happens next is pretty random, it will sometimes loop a certain segment again, sometimes it will just put a really really off “section” of the video into the feed instead of the one dictated by the segments array…

adding my logs here, but I couldn’t really find anything referring to the composition process :frowning:
any pointers to what could be the issue? (3.7 MB)

@boazrl hey,

I’m not aware of any issue with this API call, but everything is possible…
Would you mind adding the exact steps to reproduce or some demo app that I can use to reproduce?


sure thing, ill upload the exact video i use and a sample app with it later today

here is a clean sample app, relevant code sits in desktop-controller.js

the composition URL is set to
so please create a folder named “compoSample” inside your default capture folder and insert the input file to that path with the name “inputFile.mp4” :slight_smile:

btw - noticed that changing the timestamps DOES effect the returned segment even if its bugged,
lets say you requested timestamp 60000-70000
but received 0-10000
if you will offset the requested time by 10k ms to 70000-80000
you will now receive 10000-20000 so the offset actually goes through - its just the “startTime” is kinda random :open_mouth:

tried this with Apex recorded directly from Predator (Overwolf`s capture), but also downloaded a fresh mp4 from the web (attached) with a timer (to eliminate the source of the issue being the input file, it also helps with understanding where you are in the original video.


(click on the settings icon of the video player → download)

sample app: (91.0 KB)

any updates for the new year? :slight_smile:

@boazrl I can see that there are some issues that the R&D should inspect. I will update ASAP here when I have some more info on that.

Thanks for your patience.

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