CS:GO - Add "Game Scenario" data to "match_info=>match_outcome"

Within each “Game Mode” on CS:GO there are different types of “scenarios”. For example, the Classic (Competitive/Casual) game mode has three “scenarios”:

  1. Bomb Scenario
  2. Hostage Scenario
  3. Wingman

Each of them has different gameplay One is the “classic” mode that CS:GO is known for - each team trying to plant or defuse a bomb. But it also has a different game scenario (Hostage) where there is no bomb, and instead, the Counter-Terrorist team has to rescue NPC’s

Currently, the way that Overwolf events are being shown - there is no way to differentiate between those as it only shows the actual map and the overall game mode (Classic, War Games, Missions, Deathmatch and Danger Zone)

@Yehuda thanks. I will push it to our backlog, and once we implement it, I will let you know.
Note that it can take some time until we get to it. (currently, there is no ETA yet).