[CS:GO] `kill_feed` is fired multiple times

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Issue description:
The kill_feed event is fired multiple times with some delay between events. It does not matter if you kill or die.


So, for example, you kill someone and you get the event above. The same event will be fired in a couple of seconds again.

This is an example from Competitive (5vs5):

You may notice that this event (see green boxes on the screenshot) was fired three times between deaths (see red boxes on the screenshot).

In some cases, however, this event is fired only once as expected. It’s not possible to predict how many times it will be fired.

Can you reproduce it:
Yes, it is easy to reproduce in TDM but it happens in all game modes.

Impact for my app:
It’s a show-stopper for one of the key features in the upcoming app.

Do you currently have a workaround?

Hey surgeon,

Thank you for the feedback.
I’m happy to report this issue has been fixed in the latest GEP update.

Perfect, thank you. It works properly for me now.