[CSGO] inputTracking.getMatchActivityInformation() inconsistent itime,atime and apm

Issue Description:

inputTracking.getMatchActivityInformation() gives inconsistant apm , atime and itime between call after stoping/starting an app over and over and the game is not running anymore.


Steps to reproduce:

Launch CSGO, play 5 minutes so getMatchActivityInformation. Close the game. Get .getMatchActivityInformation() return value. Close your app. Launch your app again, atime, itime and apm will change while you are not playing anymore.

Impact for my app: low usecase is not a normal one

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

I will forward it to our R&D.
Usually, it takes a few days. We will update you here.


Hi. I’m closing the issue as it’s a rare scenario, and anyway, soon, we will do a complete change in this function. Anyway, I added a warning note in the docs regarding it.