Cursor doesn't go back to in-game cursor when moving mouse outside of game windowand back

Game: Hearthstone
App: Firestone

The below scenario describes what I’m doing to somewhat consistently reproduce the issue. It’s not every time, but still pretty frequently. The steps I describe might not be related at all to the issue and just confirmation bias :slight_smile:

Game is in windowed mode. The game window and another window are next to each other (can be on the same screen). I move the tracker to the edge of the screen (so that it’s partially outside the screen), mouse over one of the cards (to show the tooltip), then move the mouse to the second screen. I then type some stuff there, and go back.

Issue: the mouse cursor stays the OW cursor, and I can’t interact with the game anymore. It seems to come back randomly (maybe after I do something specific, but I couldn’t pinpoint anything).

I’ve noticed this only recently. Since the cursor is the OW cursor wherever I move the mouse over the game window, I don’t think it’s linked to any of my overlays (as none of them spawn the whole game width)

This is a gif of it happening:

In the cases where the issue occurs, it looks like that when I mouse over the game window, the Overwolf dock appears

Another way that consistently reproduces it for me: mouse outside the game window to a Youtube video, double click to put it in full screen, then back to HS. Then the OW dock appears on the left, and the game becomes non-interactible until I double click back on the youtube video

One of my beta testers tried to reproduce the issue, but they couldn’t. So at least it’s not affecting everyone :slight_smile:

Hey @sebastientromp

We couldn’t reproduce this issue, if you find the exact steps to reproduce the bug, please ping me.
(+ send us your logs and a video that shows the problem)

I have included a video on the original post. Do you need another kind of video?

ok, I saw it.
Can you send us your logs? (right after you reproduce this bug)

This just happened to me during the normal course of using the app. Attached are the logs :slight_smile: (1.8 MB)

Thanks, we’ll check it and update you

@sebastientromp maybe it’s related to the transparent area on left side of the deck tracker window?
Please make sure that it’s fully transparent + “clickthrough:true” in the manifest

It also happens sometimes when I don’t move over the tracker at all (even on the transparent area). Sometimes just alt-tabbing is enough to cause this bug, and it persists even if I move the cursor out of the decktracker window

@sebastientromp, we can’t reproduce it, and we can’t see anything unusual in the logs.
Did you test it on the latest developers channel v0.159?
We will need the exact steps to reproduce.

Yeah I reproduce it almost every time I simply play the game and alt+tab outside of the game to something else. The steps I mentioned in the original post work for me 100% of the time.

By the way, I’ve managed to reproduce the bug without using Firestone at all. In the video above, just replace the decktracker by the “Packages” window of Overwolf, and the behavior is exactly the same.

I will re-check it tomorrow.

@sebastientromp I was able to reproduce it. I also noticed that it come back after some short time.

We will have to investigate it. I will update you next week about it.


That’s awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

@eransharv Do you have any update on this?

I have had several users report this same issue :slight_smile:

everytime im clicking on second monitor (for change music, youtube, etc) the pointer change to firestone mouse and cant click on heartstone

Firestone or Overwolf is doing something very annoyi. After I move my mouse cursor to the other screen and then back to HS, it gets stuck with the Overwolf cursor and can’t interact with anything in the game. I have to go click on somthing on the other monitor and then back to HS

if you have 2 monitors and you switch from one to another sometimes firestone blocks the game of heartstone behind so i can t click on my cards

not sure if this is an overwolf issue or a firestone issue, but ever since I got a second monitor, sometimes when I use the second monitor that doesn’t have hearthstone, the mini overwolf dock will appear on the left and my clicks won’t register in hearthstone

Mouse cursor doesn’t change back to Hearthstone cursor when moving mouse from one monitor to Hearthstone, the mouse cursor becomes that of Firestone, and I need to AltTab HS in order to use my mouse again, very annoying bug. Its related to the Firestone deck tracker, when moving in from another monitor to HS and moving over the DeckTracker, the mouse will not change back to HS cursor.

Initially, the mouse cursor is the Hearthstone cursor. As I mouse over the overlay, it changes to the Firestone cursor. I go through the overlay and unpause a video on my second monitor using the Firestone cursor. When I mouse back to Hearthstone, it doesn’t change back to the Hearthstone cursor, and I’m unable to interact with cards and minions. If I dodge the overlay to unpause the video, everything works fine.

Hi @sebastientromp,

I will update you tomorrow.

Thanks for the patience.

Hi @sebastientromp, sorry I was not able to reproduce it again.
Today I will configure two screens set up and let you know.

Thanks eran,

I can confirm that it happens very frequently for me on two screens (same DPI, in case that could play any role). Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

Cheers :slight_smile: