Damage data in CS:GO

  • Feature Description:

Events or info updates that report damage data in CS:GO. For instance, it would be ideal if, when a player hits someone, that we get an event saying how much damage was dealt. If that’s not possible, then it’d be good if after the match, we get a summary of how much damage each player has dealt, ideally divided by weapon types but not necessarily.

I’m aware that this may or may not be technically possible depending on what data CS:GO makes available, but I thought I’d check.

  • impact for my app: high.

Hi @derekchiang,

Thanks for joining and sorry for the delay in our reply.
Is this feature is required to your app? If so, I can check technically if it’s possible and prioritise it.


Hi @eransharv, it’s not a blocker for us, but it would allow us to design significantly more engaging challenges, so I’d definitely appreciate if you could look into it and determine if it’s technically possible.


We added it to our backlog and we will update you once implemented.
(no ETA yet though).

Internal link to FR: /boards/213515917/pulses/213515984