Desktop and in-game window

I want that the in-game shows on match start and the desktop window shows on game start

Btw I don’t have a background window

My manifest.json

In general, from fast browsing at your manifest, I can immediately see that you typed the wrong games id’s. You should you league of legends game id - 5426.

So by fixing it, you can quickly launch your app when the game is launched.

Regarding how to launch your in-game window when a match start - for that, you will need to listen to the game events and, in particular, to the `matchStarted info update.

It’s highly recommended that you use a background controller to launch each window at the right moment (i.e., when the match is starting etc.)


Thx, Can you pls tell me how I can change/launch the window?

@Jasper557 you can see an example in our sample app manifest: sample-app/manifest.json at master · overwolf/sample-app · GitHub

And if you want to see how to read lol game events, you can see the lol sample app: League of Legends Game Events · Overwolf


I know how it’s in the manifest can you tell me what’s the method to change / launch a window

Change to what exactly? Launch when?
Basically, everything is in the docs. I highly recommend reading the sample app chapter and watching the video tutorials that you can find here: Developers Articles and Videos · Overwolf


Ok, I will do

I meant changing the background window to the in-game or desktop window


You can’t change the background window to other windows. It’s a unique window that doesn’t have any UI. It exists to be a starting point and a router for communication between all the other windows.

So I can’t change to window from background to in-game with a method?

i now did that the desktop window hides on match start and shows on match end again

 if (JSON.stringify(info).includes('"name":"match_start"')) {"desktop")
    if (JSON.stringify(info).includes('"name":"match_end"')) {"desktop")

but idk how to show the in-game window restore dont works :confused:

I think I know what’s the problem is I don’t have declared the window I will close the Question

Thanks for your help c:

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