[Dev Console Reviews] Getting Logs for bad reviews

  • impact for my app: low

  • What is your current pain point?
    When a user leaves a Review with one or two stars, it often indicates an edge case bug or similar. If the user did not submit feedback on another way, we can rarely if ever get the logs for debugging purposes.
    Since we also can’t get in contact with them (I don’t think they get notified about replys to their review?!), logs would be very valuable.

  • What do you have in mind to solve it?

  1. when replying to a review, send an e-mail to the user (if not happening already)
  2. on 1-2 star reviews (or all?) Upload the users logs. A temporary storage for a week or so would be enough.
  3. Add system specifications to the review information on the console. This way performance issues might be identified easier.


1 is already in the works, 2 is planned for March 2021.
Regarding 3, we’re currently providing the following specs:

Would you like to also get cpu/gpu/memory details?

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Yes, that would be very helpful for an initial evaluation, especially for recording issues.
Great to know that we’re already on the same page regarding notification and logs attachment :slight_smile:

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