[Dev Portal] Impossible to change expiration date for an active subscription

Issue Description:
With my test user (who is currently revoked), if I set him to active, save, and then try to set an expiration date, when I click the expiration date field and enter numbers in it it gets blank and it’s impossible to actually enter a date in it.

Also, I think that the “state” and the “expiration date” should only have ONE save button for the two of them, as it doesn’t make sense to put someone in active and not be able to change the expiration date immediatly

This is a blocking issue for me as it blocks the testing of the premium support for my app.


Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


@trebonius0 I just updated the test user expiration date, can you show me a screenshot/video of this issue?

Hmm, I cannot repro anymore, I guess it’s fixed then :slight_smile:

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