Dev-tools stopped working since version 153.0.10

Issue Description:
CEF dev-tools no longer works since 150.3
Steps to reproduce:

  • Upgrade to 150.3
  • Try to open CEF Devtools
  • Devtools port cannot be reached
    Impact for my app: high (for dev purposes)
    Do you currently have a workaround? yes
    I was provided with a registry entry that allows me to use devtools after all, but it is not documented anywhere.

Attached reg file below: (332 Bytes)

Expectation - either:

  1. return the devtools to it’s previous state
  2. add additional documentation about this registry field (and others?) and it’s effects for developers (even though it was announced in changelog)

I’ll rephrase myself:
in a few months from now, when the changelog will be a few versions from now, as a new developer, I won’t go into the changelog and look for it, but rahter expect it to be part of the new app guide or something which makes more sense to devs.

if I were a new developer who is looking how to enable devtools, I would have probably not found it

I’ve found a doc about enabling features in registry, which is the documentation I was expecting:

Closing Issue :+1: