Developers Console - Subscription panel - Edit expiration date error

Trying to change the expiration date of clients subscription.
Selecting properly from the date picker.
Trying with a date in the past and in the future.
Getting an error Expiration date saving failed.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
User jenninja

Thanks, we are working on a fix

Changing a plan exp. date is now available again @Genizzz

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Great. Works! Thanks

Cannot set a lower date than the current one, but that’s ok. Just FYI -
Tried for some testing and it didn’t allowed us - for instance updating ExpDate with +1 day - works fine. Then setting -1 day - fails.

I can’t reproduce this issue @Genizzz, can you show me a screenshot with the error you see?

Jump there again to create a screenshot - everything works as expected now :thinking:

Thanks!! :+1:

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