Direct link to reviewing app in app store

Feature Description:

I’d love to be able to link directly to a call-to-action to review my app in the app store.

Currently, the best I can do is link them to and then ask them to click on ‘Reviews’ and then on ‘Add a review’.

I also have to just hope that they’re logged in to their Overwolf account in their Desktop browser, or they can’t even write a review.

impact for my app:


What is your current pain point?

It’s proven hard to motivate my users to write a review.
They only write a review when they’re having a bad experience, which causes my app rating to be dismal despite an overall good reception, given the engagement metrics.

What do you have in mind to solve it?

Ideally an internal link like href="overwolf://store/app/bl0n-r6_analyst#write_review that opens up the Overwolf App Store in the Overwolf App.

Or even a simple link GET parameter, something like that has the ‘Add a review’ form appear immediately would be a great help.

@Bl0n So to make sure that I understand correctly - you want a link that takes you directly to the review tab of your app in the AppStore? This one:

Yes, exactly.

Although ideally it opens it inside the Overwolf app, not in the user’s default/overwolf browser.
That way it’s much more likely they are logged in.

Thanks @eransharv!

@Bl0n are you familiar with the overwolf.utils.openStore() function?

It got the sStore enum that open your one app page. Maybe it’s a good enough solution for you. If not, we might add the feedback page to this enum.

So, this would open the in-app App Store to the app page (but not the review tab)?


I was not aware of this, and would already help a lot!
I’ll implement this for now, as a link to ask users to review the app.

To be honest, I do think that adding a FeedbackPage to the enum would be of added value.


@Bl0n OK, I will add it as a feature request. I think that makes sense.

Thanks for implementing this!
For future visitors:

ReviewsPage has been added to the enum to allow this behaviour.
Consequently, the following will open an app’s review page: