Disable_restore_animation flag minimizing the game on game launch

Issue Description:

adding disable_restore_animation flag to a 2nd screen window causing the game to minimize on game launch

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):


  1. add disable_restore_animation to 2nd screen window
  2. disable + enable the app
  3. launch the game

Impact for my app: low

Do you currently have a workaround? no

@uzi I will check it next week. Is there any particular reason that you added this flag?

We want to disable the restore animation of the 2nd screen window in-game

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@uzi, I want to make sure which window is your second screen window. I want to reproduce it.

@eransharv the window name is live, but it’s not happening to me anymore :confused:

Did you update the OW version?

I’m not sure if Overwolf got an update.

Ok, let’s keep an eye on this and update me if there are any changes.
Meanwhile, I’m closing the issue.

Hey @eransharv,
I reinstalled Overwolf, after that install an opk of the app with disable_restore_animation flag, I played 2 games and in both the game minimized on launch, I sent you the logs on Slack.

@uzi, can you please send me in slack the OPK that you used to reproduce the issue? I know that it’s only a change of flags, but I prefer to use the exact OPK.


@uzi is it still relevant?

I’ll check if it’s still happening and update here.
Thanks :slight_smile:

@uzi, I’m closing the issue. If it is reproducible, please let me know. Thanks.