Discrepency between overwolf internal media-subfolder and folder where recordings are stored

Issue Description:


does not represent the path where recordings are stored if the app’s display name is not the same as the internal name in manifest.json

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  1. create an App (let’s call it “Demo”)
  2. change display-name of the app (let’s say to DemoChanged)
  3. record a highlight
  4. check overwolf.extensions.io.getStoragePath(overwolf.extensions.io.enums.StorageSpace.videos,console.log)

You will find that the highlight is stored in a sub-folder with DemoChanged while in 4) you will receive the folder with the name Demo

Impact for my app:
High - due to internals that are checking against the overwolf storage path we get each highlight duplicated because the API is not working as expected.
The implementation in a “future proof way” which was supposed to catch when the storage path changes now fails because the display name of our app changed ( and with that the ACTUAL storage path of the highlights), while this is not reflected by the call of overwolf.extensions.io.getStoragePath(overwolf.extensions.io.enums.StorageSpace.videos,console.log)

Do you currently have a workaround?
Yes, changing our internal implementation. But I would like to prevent changing our internals to something hard-coded unless this is working as intended.
So please let me know if this is going to be fixed/changed.

This also has implications on calls to


As they think there are no videos at all because I assume they use the same value and don’t find anything

Hi, thanks for the information.

I have made the following changes to the API:

  1. All API calls that deal with screenshots/videos/replays/etc. will now use the display name. This applies to the overwolf.media, overwolf.videos, as well as overwolf.extensions.io.

  2. For apps where the display name is different from the name, a new property will be returned in callbacks. This property will have the name old[NormalPropertyName], e.g. for getVideosSize, in addition to totalSizeGbs, oldTotalSizeGbs will be included if applicable. This applies to:

  1. overwolf.media.getAppVideoCaptureFolderSize
  2. overwolf.media.getAppScreenCaptureFolderSize
  3. overwolf.videos.getVideosSize
  4. overwolf.videos.getVideos

@shai.abraham Are you releasing this as hotfix?

Please let me know when you’re releasing this :slight_smile:

we will release it for 191, should be in Developers channel in few days

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