Documentation regarding time_to_next_circle is confusing/wrong?

Issue Description: Documentation regarding time_to_next_circle make it look like it’s suppose to be output via Info Updates but it is in fact output via Events.

The Location feature is only marked as Info Updates and not like Kill feature with both Info Updates and Events

Steps to reproduce: Hook up GEP towards PUBG and with only using Info Updates try and get time_to_next_circle.

Impact for my app: low. I know it is in Events now so I’m good. Others might not be =)

@StreamGameLabels thanks. we will check it.

Hey @eransharv, @StreamGameLabels!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Apparently this part of the documentation indeed was wrong.
I’ve rewritten it, and the change should be coming in later on today.


No problem.:sunglasses: