Does disable_cleanup work with unpacked extensions?

I’m trying to keep the indexedDB data after uninstalling the app, so after re-installing the app I can retain the saved data from my previous install.

I tried building the app with the disable_cleanup flag in the manifest, then after restarting the app once, I uninstall it and reload the unpacked extension. The indexedDB data doesn’t load when I start the app.

I also noticed that a folder for the app does not get created or deleted in the %localappdata%\Overwolf\Extensions folder when I load or uninstall an unpacked extension.

How can I go about testing if the disable_cleanup flag can be used to save the indexedDB across re-installs?

Hey @fgfl,

The indexedDB is cleaned up upon uninstall.

Regarding the disable_cleanup flag - If set to true, app localStorage data will not be cleaned up after app uninstallation. The indexedDB will be cleaned anyway.


I see. I there currently a way to preserve the indexedDB when the app is uninstalled?

@fgfl, what exactly do you want to do? Why do you want to preserve the app’s indexedDB when uninstalling your app? for future use if the user will re-install your app?


@fgfl Another update:

After rechecking the issue, I want to fix my previous comments: the disable_cleanup flag should also preserve the indexedDB and not just the localStorage. And also, it should work with the unpacked extension.

To eliminate another issue related to your app, please create a test app from scratch that saves and restores the indexedDB with an unpacked extension.

If you find any issue, please tell me, and I will forward it to our R&D.


Thanks @eransharv . I’ll test create a test app to test this once I have time to work on this again. I’ll let you know if I find any issues.

Sure. Mean while with your permission, I will close this ticket.
If you want to open it for any reason, mention me here, and I’ll open it.


OK. If I can’t get it to work with a minimal demo I’ll request to reopen this ticket.

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