Dota 2 inventory events + stats

  • Feature Description:
  1. Fire item_used on items with charges when using a last charge.

Now there’s a bit of a problem to track usage of items with charges when there’s only one charge left -> when you use the last charge of the item and item disappears from inventory (like wards, tangos, salves etc), there’s no item_used event fired, but only item_changed. The only way to track the usage of such items is to track item_changed events and set up remembering and comparing inventory states, which is a bit painful.

Suggestion: Add an item_used event for every time gamer uses the item, even if it is meant to disappear from inventory after that.

  1. Get info about the inventory when map loads

Gamers in dota have an ability to purchase items during “strategy stage” (a period of time between the hero being chosen and actual map being loaded), but we don’t get the info from OW about items purchased during this stage.

Suggestion: would be nice to have either inventory events fired during strategy stage or a special method to get user inventory.

  1. More stats

The same request as for LoL and CS:GO - add more detailed stats for Dota 2. E.g. tower damage, hero damage, damage taken, damage reduced, healing etc.

  • impact for my app: high.

note for stuff: after FR is accepted, add a link to the internal ticket.

Also, the same thing with item_consumed as described at p.1

Hi and thanks for the feedback.

We will discuss the matter internally, and then we’ll make a decision.

Usually, it takes a few days. We will update you here.


@eransharv hi, any info on that?

Hey Oleksa,

Sadly, we won’t be able to provide these events in the near future. We will of-course update you if there’s any changes.