[Dota 2] Missing last 2 bans from roster event

Related Games: Dota 2
Issue Description: No roster event for the last 2 bans (seems like it’s usually the last 2 dire bans)
Steps to reproduce: Run a captain’s draft mode game (lobby or whatever)
Impact for my app: show-stopper
Do you currently have a workaround? No. we can’t show incomplete data.

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs
2020-10-08 144935,470 background.html.log (659.1 KB)

time of event: 2020-10-08 14:49:35,470

Could it be that Overwolf didn’t update to dota patch 7.27 which added another ban for each team? (was 4/1/1 and now 2/3/2).

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@danr Hi. We will check it and l’ll let you know as fast as we can.

Can you please tell me if you app is not function at all? just some features/feature missing because of that issue?

Thanks for the quick reply, our app’s main selling point is showing picks/bans. So we can’t really show missing data.

Managed to confirm this issue. Will open a bug and we’ll fix it next week.

We’ll keep you updated.


Thanks! While you’re at it… the roster events return a string (“2”) team field in the players but number (2) in the draft/bans.

Is there any updates @Shargaas?

Still in our priority list. We had some urgent other fixes to issue so this was not addressed yet.

Hope we can look into it tomorrow, if not, next week.

Sorry for the delay.

@Shargaas We literally cannot launch the app because of this.


We are planning to start fixing this new bug on Monday (Oct 19th)

it usually takes 1-2 days until the fix is ready for release

@itayG pinging…

any news…?

Good news :slight_smile:
The fix was just released to all users

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What Overwolf version is it so I know what to put in the manifest

@danr We released it last Sunday, 25.10.2020.
It’s not the OW client version; it just the Game Events Provider (GEP) Version: 157.4.3.

This means it is pushed automatically to all the clients.

Cool - should it be 157.4.3 or in minimum-gep-version ?

It should be 157.4.3.

All the versions that starting with zero are for OW clients.