[Dota2] Match Ended not working

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Issue Description:

For now, i have build a new app basic on Sample App.
But, I can’t get data with event match_ended of Dota2.
Please help me for this. I want to get result of game (Random match, custom lobbies…)

Here is log:

Can you please attach your overwolf logs from when you tested this? (go to the overwolf store window → icon on the top left → support → create logs zip at the bottom right, and send that zip)

OverwolfLogs_2022-10-24_00-37-24.zip (336.9 KB)
Hi, here is zip log

From the logs, it seems like the event is firing.
Can you please capture a short video of you finishing a game and of the event not firing?
Also, please make sure that when you use setRequiredFeatures, in the returned array, match_ended exists

Hi, my video recording.
btw, I running a sample app

If possible, could you please send a zip of the sample app you’re using?

The event is fired properly, and the app should receive it properly, so we need to verify that the app is displaying every event it receives

Upon closer inspection, it seems like the event is actually firing. You can see it clearly on the left with highlighting at 1:49 in the video

tks, this is working for now.
Please help me close this topic

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