[DOTA2] Missing hero detection

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Dota 2

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Issue Description:
This issue was introduced on late December, after a Dota 2 patch and a subsequent GEP plugin fix.

On some occasions, one hero will not be detected by the GEP.
From the logs I have, there’s only 2 things I can say:

  1. It doesn’t happen on the first match of a session, need to play at least two matches for it to happen.
  2. The only hero not detected is hero #6. This is weird, but that’s how the bug acts. Hero #6 is the 2nd hero of the Dire team. (Players 0-4 are the Radiant team, player 5 is the first on the Dire and player 6 is the next one). You can identify him in the GEP by having playerIndex = 6

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
Sadly I don’t know how to reproduce it - it happens randomly and has never happened to me.

Impact for my app: [e.g. x% of the users complained about it, it’s a show-stopper]
It has great impact on my app since it makes it unreliable in some cases.

Do you currently have a workaround?
log03.zip (1.4 MB)
log02.zip (1.4 MB)
log01.zip (1.0 MB)

Log01 timestamp: 2022-01-07 16:46:28,429
Log02 timestamp: 2022-01-16 01:49:24,848
Log03 timestamp: 2022-01-16 12:44:27,873

Added to Monday board on high priority @itayG


We added the bug to our backlog. Currently, there is no ETA, but I will update you here once the fix is released.


Some more info I’ve gathered:

Just happened go me yesterday. It’s the same problematic playerIndex = 6, but this time it did detect the hero, but it did not finalize the pick - meaning that pickConfirmed was always false, never true - even after the player finalized the pick of the hero.

It might be related to [DOTA2] Roster events are spammed throughout the match

Attaching log with relevant timestamp: 2022-01-24 23:38:30,827
index.html.723.log (760.1 KB)

Just want to add that I initially thought that this issue is rare, but it seems to be effecting all users.
It’s become a critical issue for me.

Hello @Tsury this issue was fixed in a recent GEP update.

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