DPI behavior on hybrid windows

Suddenly all hybrid windows that we use are affected by DPI (they did not in the past), what’s worse is they are getting the wrong window.devicePixelRatio value - it’s always 1 even though it’s 1.75 when tested.

without knowing whats the dpi I’m kinda clueless as to how to fix those windows, tried all the voodoo manifest flags - nothing - checked some other apps - same behavior - native “desktop only” windows receive the correct value - hybrid receives 1.

tested on 175% scale

Predator - main window has the wrong value (1) , the second screen is fine (1.75)
Craft a lot - main window has the wrong value (1) , the second screen is fine (1.75)
Lol wiz - desktop only but not native has the wrong value (1) and gets stretched out of the screen.
valoplant hello window - native desktop only (1.75 )

best solution IMO would be to have the platform ignore the DPI like in the good old days (up until this month?) - but if its not possible to revert back to that, a method to receive the true scale would be great.

sorry if im missing something super obvious.

@boazrl Hi,

We are checking the issue. From the initial inspection, we have an issue, but we will need to check it in depth. I will update you.


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We can confirm that it’s a bug. We mark it as a high priority, and we will fix it in the next iteration.
I will update.