dragMove throws "Left mouse released" error

Issue Description:
When you quickly click/doubleClick a window that has overwolf.windows.dragMove, an error is thrown:
{success: false, status: “error”, error: “Left mouse released”}.

However, when you click / hold and release a tiny bit longer:
{success: true, status: “success”, horizontalChange: 0, verticalChange: 0} is returned.

Why the difference?
Why can’t it always be {success: true, status: “success”, horizontalChange: 0, verticalChange: 0} ?


Steps to reproduce:
Open the HearthArena 2.0 client.
Open the devtools for the background window: " HearthArena Companion: Index Window" in http://localhost:54284/
Double click/ Click or Click and hold /release on the Logo in the HearthArena dock.

See the errors in the log.

A bug was opened, we’ll update you once it’s fixed

@heartharena Hi,

This error is by design and accused of handling some scenarios. Maybe it was better to implement it differently, but currently, there are no plans to change it (we might discuss that internally and reverse this decision later. If so, we will announce it on the changelog, of course).

Anyway, I added to the docs a note that makes it more straightforward for other users.