Enoders not loading properly while launching the app first time

Hi i installed the bundle but app is failed to written a encoder list

Hi. I’m not quite sure I can understand what went wrong.
Can you please elaborate further?
Specifically, what exactly were you trying to perform, and what exactly happened? (If you have screenshots or log files that would also help a lot!)

yeah, we have one app called quick log, that bundeled with overwolf, if we trying to install, insatallation completely done, but its not launching exactly. i mean once its launched im writing encoders to one file. its not writing… shown failed to write encoders list.

I see. In that case, can you please attach your logs from when it happened?

sure i will update here in sometime

InstallerTrace_19512_2022-07-29_14-27.log (18.3 KB)
this is the log file overwolf and quicklog b=are both not launching properly…

Based on the responses in the other related issues, I’m assuming this issue was also dealt with. Closing this ticket.

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