Error when uploading OPK to Testing Channel in dev console

Related app/team name: Infinite Album
Issue Description: Cannot upload OPK to Testing Channel
Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): Upload the opk to the dev console in a Testing channel
Impact for my app: SHOW-STOPPER - cannot get approval for Twitch Extension part of the app until Twitch can load the app.
Do you currently have a workaround? No

Error message upon upload

Upload failed message

I’ve uploaded the OPK on google drive here:

Please just put the OPK in my Testing channel named “Twitch Extension Review” if you fix it.

Hey @RyanIA !

Are you using the image-js library by any chance?

@RyanIA your icon.png file is not really a .png, but a .heic file.
Please try to replace it with a new (real) icon.png.


OK, I found it.

Like Itay said, your icon.png file seems to have been somehow corrupted. Try opening it with mspaint and hit “save as”, you’ll see it’s trying to save it with a weird format. “Saving as” a .png file solves the issue.

Furthermore, the “author” field in your manifest.json file is “Twiggeh” while in the dev console it’s “Infinite Album”. These fields should always match. I changed the manifest.json field and uploaded the opk to the Twitch Extension Review channel.

That solved it! Thank you for the quick reply. I’m able to upload an OPK, however now I’m getting another very strange bug.

When I download the installer from the link in the Testing area, and then install our app, it is installing a different version of the app that’s in the OPK that I uploaded.

This is what the interface looks like when I pack an OPK and then install it locally through the OW “Development Options” window.

Note that it has a “Twitch” option in the settings menu

When I upload that same OPK to Testing, and then download via the link and use the installer to install, I get the old version of our app somehow:

And that version does not have the Twitch settings menu:

This is very strange behavior. Do I need to clear out my Appdata or some other stored files? I haven’t tested on another machine.

Hey @RyanIA ,

Currently, I can’t see any release in the testing channel:

Hi @eransharv,

That’s a bug in the OW dev console. If you click on “Manage” for the Twitch Extension Review channel, you’ll see that an OPK was uploaded at 12:41 today, and is still there.


Here’s the corresponding installer
Infinite Album - (1.3 MB)

And here’s a screenshot. I’m going to update the OPK shortly

Hi all,

I tried uploading the OPK again, and I tried changing the channel name to make sure that the channel name url parameter was not the culprit (I removed the spaces in the channel name).

The installer hosted at the given link for the testing channel does not install the uploaded OPK.

This is a show-stopper for us as it’s the only way to let Twitch test our app and the extension we’ve built without handing over my overwolf credentials. Please assist. I have all my twitch extension devs just standing by because of this error.


Is a review required of Testing releases? When it said “ready for release” on my testing channel, and also had a valid installer in the link provided, I assumed that the installer was installing the uploaded OPK. Is that not the case if the OPK has not been reviewed?

If so, the solution is simply for you to approve my OPK. Please do so at your earliest convenience!


Hi again,

For clarity - I don’t want this OPK in the TwitchExtensionReview channel to be released as my public app (i.e., I don’t want it to replace the installer at

I do need to be able to share the installer with Twitch so that they can review our app. This is a show-stopper for me! Please assist.


Do I need to “Start Rollout” in order for the link in the channel page to contain the correct installer? Does that roll out the testing channel OPK to production? Because that’s not what I want. Need some assistance.

Hey @RyanIA, @RotemDangot pointed that your beta version is not suppressing the version number we currently have live under “production.” Is that right? Anyway, the beta version should be “higher” than the production version, even if it’s not the root cause. We will check if it is, but anyway, you should suppress it.

Hi Eran,

Thanks for looking into this. We’re trying to start the Twitch Extension review process today so we’re hoping to get this resolved before morning pacific time (end of day your time).

I just uploaded a new OPK with a higher version number than the production version on a new channel called TwitchReview2. It seems that the problem still exists, as the link points to an installer that still installs the old version. Not sure if there is a lag in updating that link… could be the case.

I don’t know what you mean by suppressing the version number, though. What’s the difference between suppressing it and changing it?


@RyanIA I mean that the version number of the beta should be higher than the production version.

This should be 1.0.2 or higher (as your production ver is 1.0.1).

Would you mind trying to change your beta version manifest, upload it, and then re-try to download? Not sure that it will resolve it but let’s start with that.


@eransharv Just tried that, didn’t change anything. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Update the OPK with version 1.0.2
  2. Upload it to TwitchReview2 channel, roll it out
  3. Download the installer from the link copied from the channel
  4. Run the installer

The app installed is still the production version.


@RyanIA - you missed one step - and it’s should be right after step #2 - you should first uninstall the current version (production). And then and only then - install the new version.

If that will solve your issue - I will see if the docs need a fix. In addition - I will check if and how we can fix this behavior.


@eransharv That worked!

Thanks so much for the help, we should be able to send it to Twitch for review now.

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Oh, also, if you update the docs - it was not clear to me that “Start Rollout” was only for that channel, as I think of rolling it out as the public overwolf store. Could be useful to add that to the docs as well.


Sure I will add it to the docs. Thanks!