Expand Team Information with "premade" flag

  • Feature Description: This kinda is an idea for any team game, but it would be great if Team Information came with a PreMade flag valued 0 or 1 depending on the team mate is someone you queued up with or if it’s a random that filled a vacant slot.
    Like so
    {"nicknames":"{"team_members":[{"player": "yy899189", "premade":0} ,{"player":"itayG", "premade":1},{"player":"fucis", "premade":0},{"player" :"gedyan", "premade":1}]}"}},"feature":"team"}

  • impact for my app: Low-to-mid. Have a feature in mind for my app. But this might become a pre-requisite for it to be obtainable.

  • What do you have in mind to solve it? Maybe a trigger when people leave and join the lobby before queuing and store names of who joined, delete names when they leave, so that Team Info has access to it once a round starts. Could be done by app developers in code if such a trigger was made available as well, but would be smooth if it was handled internally and just reflected by a premade flag

note for staff: after FR is accepted, add a link to the internal ticket.


Thank you for your request.
Since this information is not available through the game UI, we think that it might give an unfair advantage to some of the players.


Well it’s in the game UI, I must have explained it wrongly. When I invite say player A, then I see player A in the UI in my lobby. I just want the app to be able to know the same thing, that player A is part of my original lobby that join say a squad game, where player B and C in the squad game were not part of the original lobby. I’m not interested in knowing information about ANY other teams except for my own team.

So in my team info it would return

{“nicknames”:"{“team_members”:[{“player”: “SGL-Joakim”, “premade”:1} ,{“player”:“Player-A”, “premade”:1},{“player”:“Player-B”, “premade”:0},{“player” :“Player-C”, “premade”:0}]}"}},“feature”:“team”}

And by getting this information I can get fetch data for Player A since it is of interest for the user since they are friends, but I can ignore Player B and C since they will most likely not be playing with the user after the round is over.

I cannot understand how this would be unfair advantage, since when I join a game, I know who is part of my original lobby and who is not.

@StreamGameLabels OK now it’s clearer. So you are right, it’s not unfair advantage. Let me check it, as i’m not sure that it will be an easy or even doable (to fetch this data at that phase).
I will update you soon.

Worst case I’ll have to let my app build it’s own internal database of “players the user plays with often” and just assume that if they end up in the same team that they pre-made the group.
But it’s not as bulletproof.

@StreamGameLabels we will revisit this with Sergio once it becomes relevant again .

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