Expansion of roster_XX info updates for R6:Siege

Expansion of roster_XX updates for R6:Siege.

Additional video explanation for this request: https://youtu.be/doJl-pJjD0E

Feature description

The current roster_XX updates are very limited. It can be used to find out the usernames of everyone in the lobby, who is on which team, and what player is the local_player (the current user).

Any real-time events (team, health, score, kills, and deaths) are only tracked for the local_player. This is despite all this information being completely public knowledge at all times for everyone in the match.

My request is to expand the roster_XX updates to trigger whenever any player’s stats change, completely exposing all the information as available on the in-game scoreboard.

The following screenshot is an example of the in-game scoreboard (local_player is “Bl0n.RFF” in this instance). The statistics marked in green are currently exposed to the Overwolf API. I’d like all of these statistics (with exception of the Pings) to be exposed.

Current workaround

There is currently no way of automatically detecting this, with the current information provided.

Implementation recommendation

Simply expand the roster_XX info updates and trigger them whenever information changes, as opposed to only when someone joins or leaves. Thus:


Note this includes exposing the ‘assists’ statistic, which is currently not even implemented for the local_player.

Technical recommendation

Pull from running memory.

Feature potential

Somewhat nice perhaps, certainly nothing groundbreaking.

It can be used for a variety of potential app ideas and feature additions.

Some off the top of my head:

  • Statistics tracking of team performance.
  • Statistics tracking compared to team performance.
  • “Riding-the-tab”-implementation for an enhanced scoreboard.

Possibility of exploiting

None. It’s all public information for all players in the match.

@eransharv You didn’t ask for this topic, but just in case:

The rating for this FR for my app is low.
Having it would greatly improve the user experience, but not add aditional features.

I do think out of all the feature requests I sent in, this is the one that would most benefit all R6 apps currently on the Overwolf platform, not just my own.

@Bl0n, we need to discuss that internally. To check if that might affect the performance (pulling “nice to have” data in high rate take some resources). I will let you know. thanks.

@Bl0n Recently we added to the roster a lot of info. Can you please tell me if this FR is still relevant? if so, which parts are still relevant, and what is the priority of each part?


Hey @eransharv!
Yeah, you basically implemented almost all of this already, thanks!

The only missing bit is the assists, and I would put that at extremely low priority.


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@Bl0n OK i will push the assist to our backlog in low priority.


Hi @eransharv!
Are there any approximate dates when the assits will be added?

@LionsGate, checking.

@LionsGate Hi, and thanks for your patience.
Currently, our desk is full of high and medium priority features. Therefore, low priority features like this one will be implemented eventually, but sometimes it takes a few months. So, unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA.
If you feel that it should be prioritized differently, you are more than welcome to write us here or, even better - contact your dev-rel contact (I believe that in your case, it’s @HeeeySusu - Aviram)


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