False Positive by OverWolf

Hello. It’s an anti cheat company Cryptect.

In our protected PointBlank game, our solution has detected a false positive by OverWolf and we have a request for it.

OverWolf injects OWClient.dll and OWExplorer.dll into PointBlank.exe.
and Then they’re tampering the following DirectX functions:
TestCooperativeLevel, AddRef, Release, Reset, Present

Due to these false positives, some users are inconvenient.
I’ll ask for you to whitelist PointBlank.exe in Overwolf.
PointBlank.exe Download link is : " http://cdn2.pointblank.id/Indonesia/PointBlank/Install_Full/PointBlankInstall_2019_0809.exe "
Our contact point is :

Kind regards,

Hi @Cryptect,

I’m not sure that I completely understand your request:
Do you want that we will stop to support PointBlank? It means that the Overwolf client will not be able to inject itself as a game overlay, and your PointBlank gamers will not be able to use any of the Overwolf apps while they are playing.

If you can whitelist Overwolf client, as many antivirus and anti-cheat programs do, your gamers will be able to use Overwolf.

Since there are hacking tools that modulate d3d9 like Overwolf, apply an exception can cause problems.
Could you make an exception for the pointblank in the overwolf?

@Heaser can you please remove the support for PointBlank?

Great thanks, have a g’day

@Heaser any updates regarding that?

Could you guys tell me the progress?

@Cryptect we are going to remove the support in PointBlank on the next release.
I will update you once it happens (i guess in the next few days).

@Heaser FYI, waiting for your confirmation that it’s done.