First launch error: Failed to start application

Related app/team name:
Issue Description:
A client running a new PC (first time installed Fuze or OW).
Installed via Fuze custom installer.
First time launching shows an exception - Failed to start application, please contact support.

See attached image.
Logs attached.

This happened twice in a row. After that the PC was restarted and the app started correctly.

Can you reproduce it: No.

Impact for my app:
We have no way to monitor the actual impact, maybe it’s a one-time edge case issue, maybe it’s common. Usually, we don’t hear of that, I assume it’s due to immediate uninstall by the user.

Do you currently have a workaround?

Logs -

This issue is more fit for the support site and not the dev support site. But I will pass it to the support team to review.


@Genizzz hI,

After discussing it with the team, we think it’s better to open the ticket on the support site, as it’s a client issue, and they can help you better with that.