Fortnite competitive mode name

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  • Feature Description: It would be nice if you could get the event name from competitive. Every competitive match is the playlist “Playlist_ShowdownTournament_mode”. You cannot get the name of the event for example “FNCS Qualifier 2” or at least the id “S13_FNCS_EU_Qualifier2_PC”
  • impact for my app: low
  • What do you have in mind to solve it? Get the id from the event

Got it. I will check it tomorrow, though. Thanks for the patience!


@xNocken can you please tell us what do you want to achieve here? With the requested info?

I would like to get a way to get competitive gamemode names. Because all compete modes use the same playlist name.

@xNocken thanks. We will discuss that internally and let you know.

@xNocken Hi. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, it will not be an easy task to achieve.
Together with the fact that it’s not a critical requirement from your side, we will have to reject this feature request.

Please feel free to mention me if you want to discuss that or add anything else :slight_smile: