[Fortnite] match end is reported on new match start

Related Games: Fortnite

Issue Description:
Each time the game lobby is closed, and a new match is starting, a match end event is thrown

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
1.Launch Fortnite
2.Enter a match lobby
3.Once the match lobby gathers enough users the game will start automatically
4.Observe the logs

Result: The gep will report match end whenever the lobby transitions into match start

Expectation: Do not report match end when the lobby stage is done

Impact for my app: High (113k~ Weekly Users)
Do you currently have a workaround? No

Logs: OverwolfLogs_2021-03-29_12-04-05.zip (434.6 KB)

Thanks for the report.
We’ll take a look into it and get back to you shortly.

Hey Shir,

Is this something you are able to reproduce for 100% of the time? We have tried to reproduce this on multiple game sessions and did not encounter this issue.

out of the attempts we did we were able to reproduce it rather consistently with the last gep plugin.

I’m not sure if it was 100% of the time, but I can surely say it was atleast 90% of the time.

Good afternoon
any update on this issue?
we’re getting more and more reports concerning this issue

I’ll check where we stand and give you an update on Sunday

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I’m closing the issue for now. If in the future an updated logs will be attached I will reopen it.

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