FPS overlay gets enabled when restoring a window

Issue Description:
OW FPS overlay automatically gets enabled when i’m showing a new window to a user with overwolf.windows.restore -> overwolf.windows.changePosition -> overwolf.windows.bringToFront

Steps to reproduce:
(in general, all the actions are performed in-game)

  1. Use overwolf.windows.obtainDeclaredWindow
  2. Use overwolf.windows.restore
  3. Use overwolf.windows.changePosition
  4. Use overwolf.windows.bringToFront

(in my app)

  1. Download and open BUFF
  2. Make sure you have FPS overlay disabled for a desired game (e.g. Dota 2)
  3. Open game -> no FPS overlay shown
  4. Start lobby
  5. On hero selection stage you’re getting pop-up pre-game window
  6. FPS overlay enables itself at the top left corner
  7. Check OW settings -> FPS overlay is enabled now

Impact for my app: mid (issue affects UX, but doesnt affect app functionality)

Please attach a zip package of your logs

(password -> 1111)
P.S.: If the link gets expired, call for @roquefore on Slack

@roquefore thanks, I was able to reproduce it.
I will create a bug to the RnD and update you later.


@roquefore We plan to fix it on the next version.

internal: bug id ODK-201

@roquefore we fixed the issue on version 132.
Please wait till we publish it soon, and your Overwolf client will be auto-updated.
I’m changing the status to close, but if you have any issue regarding that after installation of version 132, please mention me here.