Frame disposed error message

Hey There,

We are in the process of developing an app with OW sample app code. We have{
“settings”: streamSetting,
“highlights”: {
“enable” : true, //set false if you want to record the highligths manually
“requiredHighlights” : [“kill”,“death”,“killer”,“killed”,“victory”] //an interesting evenst that happened in game
} in our codes.
Recently I am getting an error as follows,

event-bus.js:13 Uncaught Error: frame disposed?
at InGameController._gameEventHandler (overwolf-extension://anoahjhemlbnmhkljlgbmnfflpnhgjpmfjnhdfoe/windows/in-game/in-game-controller.js:87)
at InGameController._eventListener (overwolf-extension://anoahjhemlbnmhkljlgbmnfflpnhgjpmfjnhdfoe/windows/in-game/in-game-controller.js:46)
at Object.trigger (event-bus.js:13)
at onGameEvents (background-controller.js:258).

What is the exact reason for this Frame disposed error?

@ullasaugustine I will need more info. I understand you took the sample app code and customize it? Did you got this error before your code changes? Or is this error happens since you change some code?
If the error happens without any code changes from your side, please tell me the exact steps to reproduce. thanks

I also have this error from time to time. It started a while ago (at least several months), and happened mostly when calling window APIs like restore / hide.

I just try / catch the exception, as I found it had no impact on my code.

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@ullasaugustine I will leave this question open for a few more days. Please let me know how to reproduce. Thanks.

I also get this error sometimes.
No Idea how to reproduce though, otherwise would try to find a robust workaround.

It would be good to know, where this error possibly comes from, as it seems to be something overwolf specific.
Assuming so because “frame disposed?” as error message has to be set somewhere, so it has to be done somewhere in the Overwolf code. Knowing the context in which this happens might help understand what can cause this issue.

Adding more info here: it happens when you call an API method, and the frame/context is already closed. If you have specific steps to reproduce, I can check it further, but in general, this error message has no impact.