Game Capture Settings

if capture settings pass through OW client from settings its recording perfectly like HD, the same setting if we pass through our app its not capturing as expected, do we need to do any changes?

Are you using the overwolf.streaming or overwolf.replays api?

am using overwolf.streaming

In that case, make sure that when you pass StreamVideoOptions, you enable override_overwolf_setting. If you do that, it should utilize the app’s settings, rather than the default ones.

in that json format ?

if yes any example code if you have…

[quote=“oded.itkin, post:5, topic:2747”]
[/quote]“video”: {
“auto_calc_kbps”: true,
“fps”: 30,
“width”: 1920,
“height”: 1080,
“max_kbps”: 100,
“buffer_length”: 3000,
“frame_interval”: 30,
“test_drop_frames_interval”: 100,
“notify_dropped_frames_ratio”: 30,
“max_file_size_bytes”: 10000000,
“include_full_size_video”: false,
“override_overwolf_setting”: true,
“disable_when_sht_not_supported”: false,
“indication_position”: overwolf.streaming.enums.IndicationPosition.BottomLeftCorner,
“indication_type”: overwolf.streaming.enums.IndicationType.DotAndTimer,
“use_app_display_name”: true

like this i already passing

This looks right.
Which settings are not being reflected then?

i think preset, this

is this the right way to do… ? if yes i dont know why its happening

This looks right. Just to be sure, can you print both the codec and preset to the console and send them here?

yeah app is not running now because type io issue is coming

Is this issue still happening now that the app is running?

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yeah now app is running submitted opk for review.

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