General Questions about Overwolf

Hello there,
i’m thinking about using Overwolf for my (at the moment) private App.
I just want to receive simple Data like Health/Bullets maybe weapon armor etc for games like CS:GO,Apex,Six Siege…
First I wanted to read them out in the memory by myself but then I heard from Overwolf.
But there are a few questions that I have in mind and I just want to point them straight out.

First of all AFAIK the Overwolf-API is integrated into the games by the Game-Developers.

  1. If thats correct why did I have to install Overwolf? Or did Overwolf read the Data straight out of the Memory?

  2. So could I Query the Overwolf API without using the Overwolf program/application/installer provided by Overwolf? ( because it would be more user friendly if the user just have to Download my Control-Center/program without having to install Overwolf separately)
    2.1) Or how does Overwolf gets the Data of the Game?

  3. Is it possible to write a program which uses the Overwolf API without showing up on the store?
    ( because my program would feature more functionalities then just the game-event handling)
    3.1) if not how works the pricing (if i want to provide the App for free because it comes with hardware?(which only works with the hardware btw))

  4. Is it possible to “query” the Overwolf API via Python without reverse engineering the NodeJS SDK provided by Overwolf on Github? (is the documentation good enough for that)

  5. Whats the point of Whitelisting Developers? Did I have to share my Idea (because at the moment its just the Idea) with the Dev’s of Overwolf in this early state of the Project. And if yes can I be sure that this Idea don’t get stolen/reproduced is there any kind of NDA or possibilities for that?

  6. Does it work without Internet aswell (offline)?
    (sorry for my possible misspelling I’m from Germany)

Thanks for your time,

@Chris Hi, welcome to the community, and sorry for the late response. The questions weren’t tagged correctly by us and “disappear” from the search results.

  1. That is correct. you have to install OW as the OW API is for use in OW apps, which are chromium windows that can display over the game as an overlay (in-game windows)ץ
  2. No.
  3. To use the OW API, you have to use the OW client. You can not use the API “independently.” If you like, we can “hide” your app from the store. There is no “pricing,” and the OW platform usage is free for users and developers. The business model is based on sharing ads and subscription revenue. But you can develop apps without that as well (without ads or subscriptions).
  4. As mentioned, you should use the API only within OW apps. So any hacks, etc., will not be uploaded to the store.
  5. The basic idea is that we want to make sure that you don’t waste your time developing something that can cause legal issues, technical issues, or any other reason that will not “allow” us to confirm it. One of our most important “values” is to “play fair.” This means not develop some app that can be considered as a “hack/cheat” or unfair advantage for the opponent. Also, as we are very experienced in OW apps, we can point and guide you if you are in the “right direction”. As a platform, we are not developing apps by ourselves. So no need to worry about your idea. We already proved our reliability with dozens of teams/apps that shared their thoughts with us. Your success is our success. But anyway, we will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable. So you can discuss that with our dev success team when it will be relevant.
  6. Most of the games that we support required an online connection. So for a lot of features, the OW client will need an online connection. But in general, the OW client and apps do not require an online link to run.