GEP not gathering kill_feed events for one of our users (Steam \ Apex Legends)

specific user issue, no kill_feed events can be found on his log except his own. (the general lobby log is not there)
according to him it IS visible in the game
even went all the way to reinstall Overwolf + Predator - did not help.
since i can’t even see the events in the “Overwolf General GameEvents Provider” folder - im guessing i can’t do much on my side.
rest of the features are working fine.

one difference i do note: his GEP version si 159.2.8 mine is 159.2.5 still, so maybe there is an issue there?

guy plays on a steam launcher NOT origin, with 1440p setup
logs are addedOverwolfLogs_2020-12-22_08-26-30 (2).zip (1.3 MB)

@boazrl Hi,

What do you mean by

since I can’t even see the events in the “Overwolf General GameEvents Provider” folder - I’m guessing I can’t do much on my side

Are you talking about your machine or the user’s logs? As there is no reason that you would not see these logs. Are you able to reproduce this issue? if so, can you please give me the exact steps to repr/

Hi Eran,
what i was talking about is that on the user`s logs, under the Overwolf GeneralEvents Provider - i could not find any kill_feed events, on my own logs - they exist and everything works fine… on this specific user - i can see other events being generated but NO kill_feed

@boazrl ok. And to clarify - is this reproducible on your side when you are using the steam launcher?


According to my tests it looks like kill_feed is working as intended for me as well.
I can’t pinpoint what can be the issue for the user however I can give him a plugin which will help us debug the issue (attaching here) (285.7 KB) .

Pass it over to him, this is what he needs to do:

  1. Open Overwolf settings
  2. Go to “About” tab
  3. Click “Developer Options”
  4. Open “Overwolf Games Events Provider” via the UID under it.
  5. Go to plugins/64 folder and paste the dll there - overwriting the current one.

Once he uses this one and the situation still persists - make sure he goes to his Overwolf log folder(AppData\Local\Overwolf\Log), there he will find a ‘gep_plugin.log’ file which he needs to send over to us.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thx Shargaas!
I will test it with him once he is available.
<3 for going all the way with the debugging process!
will update once I get the new logs (currently game events are completely down).
just to be sure - this plugin will still be relevant even after the soon to be pushed GEP fix (Apex had an update today)?

If events are down it is likely this plugin will not be relevant.

Let me hit you up tomorrow when and if I receive a new debug plugin :slight_smile: (286.1 KB)

Here’s the updated version as promised.

can see some messages being decoded like kill leader swaps \ pings,
but no kill feed at all…
but also a bunch of other interesting stuff :smiley:

already asked the user to record a video of the game so we will be able to also see the image on his screen, ill upload it once I receive it.

side question -
is the “Grenade flag” I saw in the log supported in the current damage event? (don’t remember it so), and if not - would it be too much of a request to get it up? we could make gold of it (well not gold with the current start of the year arpDau, but bronze? iron? ) :smiley:

gep_plugin.log (940.8 KB)

  1. Steam



It’s really important he records a video of his session for us to look in parallel with the user’s log.

ok, i think we got it :wink:

saw that there is actually no kill feed (user was asked about this before, but - users)

found this setting in Apex - that has to do with it

ill update once i know if it fixed it for him…
but that debug binary… maybe we can have a small chat on slack about some of the info i seen there… :stuck_out_tongue:

if it is manually turned off in his game then it should be the cause as to why it doesn’t work.