Get additional data when entering Spectator Mode

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I would like to get all player data when I was watching, like: board, augments, backpack items, champions and champions items.
This information is important for me, because my application is a basis for doing live broadcasts, and as I will be watching the match, overwolf would help a lot in this, to have a better interaction in the broadcast and I believe that other users who use Overwolf for this same end will like it a lot.

Sorry for the late response. We do have a few questions about the exact request, so we can make sure it fits the needs:

  • do you mean that you want to get the board, augments, bench items, champions, and champion items when playing and for your player?
  • do you want to get them for your immediate opponent?
  • do you want to get them for every board you look at?
  • do you want to get them for the entire match?
    And what precisely do you mean when you say “when I was watching”?

I want to get all data from all players, not just from my opponent or from the card I click on, I want to get all data I asked for from all players, as if it were “all_players”, only all the time.
Reinforcing the reason, this would be very useful for those who broadcast championships, because we could get better data and interact with the broadcast.

I’ll pass this on to the team to look into it, and keep you updated once we have any updates/ETAs.

Oh ok, thanks a lot, if this works, it will really help a lot