Get Current Game Feature

I’m trying to figure out how to get the official game status.

Just like API | Overwolf
And also get the game features list.

I saw the docs only found get the current game info, but can’t get supported features.
I need to set Features by
Does it means the only way I can do is to generate fetaured list by local??

So, first of all, about features - Features are intended to be “manually” set, as they are what controls what sort of data you receive through Game Events.

As such, while it is technically possible to get a list of them, it is simply not something that I would recommend. If you look at how it’s done in the sample app, you’ll notice that it simply has a large dictionary, where it links a game id to the array of feature names that it will use.

Now, as for getting the live status of events, do refer to this page, as it explains the basics of it rather well. If you have questions after checking it, list them here, and it’ll probably be easier to find the source of the misunderstanding then

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Thank you for the reply, I think you’ve told me what I want!!
All I want is to verify the status~ Thanks~ It helps