Get League of Legends Chat to Translate it


I’m trying to create an app that would translate the League chat so you could understand every player and know what they are talking about. I would like to extend it (if I can do the first step) with a textbox where you could write text and then translate it to the player’s language you wnat and then Ctrl+V it in the game chat to chat back your team mates!

But to achieve this I would need to access League chat.
An “OnChatEvent” or just a way to get the chat txt would make the trick!

  • impact for my app: Make it possible. I know I could use an OCR if it’s the only option but I don’t real like this option because of the latency that this will add + the uncertainty of what this will output. That could create useless Translation API calls and meanings deformations.

Thank you for reading ^^
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J’essayes de faire une app qui traduis les League chat pour que tout le monde puisse se comprendre (en réalité pas tout le monde puisque ca couterais cher en Traduction) donc communiquer et faire de meilleur choix. Si j’arrive déjà à réaliser la première partie, je voudrais ajouter la possibilité de traduire du texte, grace a un overlay, vers la langue du joueur de notre choix puis Ctrl+V la trad dans le chat pour répondre a nos team mates.

Pour ca il faudrait donc pouvoir récupérer le chat du jeu soit avec un Event du genre “OnChatEvent” soit juste le texte du chat directement. Je pourrais aussi le faire avec un OCR mais c’est suboptimal puisqu’un OCR prends pas mal de temps et qu’il a des chances que des charactères soit perdu ou confondu ce qui peut provoqué des appelles d’API inutiles (puisqu’il serait compliqué de différencié un nouveau messages d’un ancien) et aussi des contres sens

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Hi Caill!
We looked into your idea, and are willing to consider supporting these features. However, for that to happen, we want to make sure that Riot also approves of the idea, and so we ask that you get it approved over on first.

Do note however, that if you plan to just read from the chat, that’s one thing. But if you also plan to write to the chat for the users, you should absolutely write that down when you apply, to avoid any miscommunication with Riot later on!


Riot just approved my app!!

I link my git project here : GitHub - Caill0ux/League-Chat-Translator: Overwolf app to Translate League of Legends Chats
So to get the League Chat I’m thinking about a Chat class and an Event that trigger when the Chat change and give the actual chat : (none / Lobby / InGame)
The Chat class would have
-Id (null/Lobby/InGame)
-Size (The size in pixel with Size.height Size.Width)
-Position (The pos relative to the top-left corner)
-GetText (to get every lines in the chat)
-LastLine (Event that trigger when a line is added to the Chat with the last line as argument)
-ShownLines (To get everyline that are currently displayed in chat)

Hi Caill!
First of all, congratulations! Now you can move forward and start making preparations for the app on your end (do make sure you have submitted an app proposal over on if you haven’t yet!).
In the meantime, we have added this feature request to our backlog and will do our best to make it possible for you. However, it is important that you know that we can’t promise an ETA to these kind of things as GEP is constantly changing (and also needs surprise repairs at times), which makes estimates near impossible.

And lastly, I would like to reiterate that the app should be able to read messages, but not send ones. This is an important distinction on our side, but it seems like you’ll be fine on that front.
So good luck, and by all means, do let us know if you need anything!

I submitted my app 15 days ago and I received an email asking for the Riot’s approuval but I didn’t get any way of repling or any updates about my submit.

My app isn’t able to send messages and I know I would have to ask both Riot and Overwolf to change it.

Can I have any way of following the updates about the Chat feature and even if estimating is hard, is it more likely to be made within 2 months or more?

Our DevRel team will approach you (if they haven’t already) with an assigned point of contact to help you with this process. Let me know if you have any more questions regarding this topic!

Do you have any Updates ?

We’re still looking into it. No ETA just yet, but we will let you know as soon as there is one.