Get opponents' board and bench when scouting

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I would like to develop an app that help the player in several ways.
One of them would be to help him in scouting: when scouting an opponent, the player get information of the opponent’s board and bench. My goal would be to keep track of the last known board and bench and show it on the overlay.

If I read the documentation correctly, there is no event providing such information. Would it be feasible to add an event for that?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will discuss the matter internally, and we will update you here.


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Hey @LaBouleMagik,

After discussing it internally with the team, we think it may interfere with our “fair play” policy and Riot user terms.

We will be glad to get other suggestions or feature requests.


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Hi, thanks for the quick feedback.

I agree that this might be a sensible feature, however if implemented correctly I am unsure whether it could really be qualified as “unfair”.

When scouting an adversary manually, the player already acquire the information, and it’s up to him to memorize that info. From my understanding, a lot of trackers add such a “memory help” feature such as “last faced adversary” (computing probability of facing each opponent next round), “suggested compos according to the bench”, “carousel item help”, “leveling guide”, etc.

By itself, the info of which compo is played by others in the game does not provide any “unfair” advantage by RIOT’s terms [1]. It only shows already available information that is proactively fetched by the user when performing scouting. If the info were accessible without scouting, I 100% agree this would be the case, but by providing the info when scouting this seems quite reasonable to me.

I hope this clarification may change your mind on that feature request. However, I do understand and respect that this can be too “risky” to give a try.

Thanks a lot!

[1] From riot’s developer general policy: “Products cannot create an unfair advantage for players, like a cheating program or giving some players an advantage that others would not otherwise have”

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I will recheck it and discuss that with the team, and if we decide to change our decision, I will update here.


Bump for this! I think it would be super beneficial to at least get the data during scouting as well. I understand the decision to not give everyone’s boards information without scouting though as the information isn’t active on screen.