Get parameter from the full path

Hello, How to get id from the URL after redirection from google authentication: “overwolf-extension://bggjfpcijbmclfhfpgnijljgfijkdehefehnallh/login.html?id=1”
I try this :{ var url = new URL(location.href);
var client_id = url.searchParams.get(“id”); }
But not working.

Just to make sure, have you taken a look at the Working with OAuth page in the official docs?

Hi, Yes this problem is solved thanks. But I have an other question. Is there anything to relaunch the OW app using the link: {overwolf-extension://[EXTENSION-ID]…}

Fully relaunching the app would be difficult. However, you can detect when the app was launched while already running, which should work in most cases.

Hope that helps!

Okay, Thanks