getActivePlans returns success but no active plans (null)

app effected: Predator
plan id: 47

my call for overwolf.profile.subscriptions.getActivePlans returns a result of
plans: null,
success: true

even though I am logged in and set as an active sub,
same behavior on a different user on a different machine (which triggered this debug session).

Just to triple-check because I’ve had several similar conversations just last week:

Are you absolutely 100% sure you have assigned the subscription to the correct Overwolf username?
The Overwolf username is very hard to find, and easily mistaken.

It is found by going to the settings of Overwolf, then pressing Privacy, then scrolling down to “Account Privacy Preferences”. It is all lowercase, shown above your email address.

It is not the username you see when you click on Personal Info.
It is not the username you see in the App Store in the top right corner.

seems like the issue was much simpler than that…
on the developer`s console an account can be flagged as “active” even when it is in fact expired - I’m guessing this would not happen to a paying customer as the payment handler also takes care of the expiry date incrementation (just guessing)… but for manually added users - an active user doesn’t really mean he is active if the expiry date doesn’t match…
would still say it would be cool to change the “active” flag to “expired” or anything that is not active but would also agree this is a very LOW priority issue if it only happens on manually added users (I’m guessing 99% of the time - test accounts)

also - maybe its time for less usernames :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for reporting, we’ll add a fix for this issue + move the username to a more visible place in the settings

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