Hearthstone Battlegrounds First Place not triggering correct match outcome

Issue Description: Hearthstone Battlegrounds First Place not triggering correct match outcome

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): Winning a battlegrounds game on Hearthstone
Do you currently have a workaround? No

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs
Please mention the time of the event so we can find it easily in the logs
Log.zip (1.3 MB)

Code to check win:

private onNewEvents(e) {

    e.events.some(event => {

      if (event.name === "match_end"){

        this.matchInfo.outcome = event.data;

        console.log("Got match outcome: " + this.matchInfo.outcome);




The code above is showing the match to be a loss when finishing first place.


Sorry for our late response, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue, and we will update you here.


Hey @ge0r9e,

From looking at your logs it’s not fully conclusive where the issue is exactly.
What I mean with this is that for example you stated I can find the issue at 11am but in the logs at 11am you can see a won match_outcome from (to my understanding) a regular match that you played.

I can assume that you were referring to unknown value that you received at some point in that log but that value aswell was not in relation to a battlegrounds game.

Do you think you can recreate this and send a new log without regular / adventure games?


I am finding it hard to find the right log files to send you over, can you help with this please?

I am looking in: C:\Users[Name]\AppData\Local\Overwolf\Log

I am using the provided ‘Hearthstone Game Events Consumer Sample’ app installed and is working.

You can just zip file the entire Log folder and send it over.

Log.zip (94.5 KB)

Sorry for the delay, due to the nature of the gamemode, it takes a long time to get a re-creation.

These logs are generated after starting the game and winning one match.

here are more logs, this is a game after the previous with no other changes, and once again I won the game, but this time it seemed to calculate it correctly.
Log.zip (49.1 KB)

@ge0r9e Hi, Can you please confirm that the problem is still happens and the ticket is still relevant? is so, we will send you some additional info how to debug it with special plugin that will provide as more debugging info.


Hello, this issue is still occuring.

I could be related to this other issue?: Issue with match_type in Hearthstone API - #36 by Shargaas

Hey @ge0r9e ,

It’s been a little difficult to infer the source of the issue from your logs alone, therefore i’m offering an alternate solution:

I’ve attached a plugin .dll which should help us debug this problem when it happens on your local computer.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Take the dll file and copy it
  2. Open Overwolf settings
  3. Go to Support tab
  4. Click “Development Options”
  5. Click the UID under “Game Events Provider”
  6. Go to Plugins/32
  7. Paste it there, override the existing file.

Now just play hearthstone & try to reproduce 1st place in battlegrounds and make your issue happen like it normally would.
If you stumble upon this problem again, please immediately go to the following location:

C:\Users(Your PC)\AppData\Local\Overwolf\Log - and send us the ‘gep_plugin’ file.

Thank you!

hearthstone.zip (1.5 MB)

The UID under the app I am testing me with is just text with no link, and I cannot see it in the Extensions folders where the other ones are.

Or did you want me to install a different extention?

You’re supposed to paste the file in the “Overwolf Game Events Provider” folder (you can find it in development options while clicking its UID under it. It is not related to your app).

gep_plugin.log (282.5 KB)
Here is the file after the bug occured.

Thank you very much @ge0r9e !

I’ll make sure our dev has a look at it tomorrow to find the issue.

There doesn’t seem to be a prooblem according to your log file.
Any chance you can send your full overwolf log folder from that same session?

I would need the date of the session & hour if possible

I recreated the issue.

Date: 25/08/2021
Time: 17:20 - 17:28

The event ‘match_end’ had a data object of ‘unknown’.
However, the event ‘match_outcome’ had the event data of ‘LOST’.

This ‘unknown’ result is the issue.

Note: This only occurs for the first game I play once my computer is turned on, after that, the ‘match_end’ data object has the correct information.

Log.zip (832.4 KB)

@Shargaas Hello,

Is there any update on this issue?

Hey @ge0r9e,

Sorry for the long delay in response, we had holidays in September so we were limited in our availability.
I do have an update though, our dev team found the issue thanks to your logs, they said they will take a little while to fix so we’ll update you when we release the fix.


No worries, thanks for the feedback, I look forward to the fix :slight_smile:

Hey @ge0r9e,

Please try again with the following dll:
gep_hearthstone.zip (283.3 KB)

Now we added the placement (1-8) to the match outcome so it should be more accurate.
Let me know whether this solves your issue please.