Hearthstone Battlegrounds First Place not triggering correct match outcome

Issue Description: Hearthstone Battlegrounds First Place not triggering correct match outcome

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): Winning a battlegrounds game on Hearthstone
Do you currently have a workaround? No

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs
Please mention the time of the event so we can find it easily in the logs
Log.zip (1.3 MB)

Code to check win:

private onNewEvents(e) {

    e.events.some(event => {

      if (event.name === "match_end"){

        this.matchInfo.outcome = event.data;

        console.log("Got match outcome: " + this.matchInfo.outcome);




The code above is showing the match to be a loss when finishing first place.


Sorry for our late response, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue, and we will update you here.


Hey @ge0r9e,

From looking at your logs it’s not fully conclusive where the issue is exactly.
What I mean with this is that for example you stated I can find the issue at 11am but in the logs at 11am you can see a won match_outcome from (to my understanding) a regular match that you played.

I can assume that you were referring to unknown value that you received at some point in that log but that value aswell was not in relation to a battlegrounds game.

Do you think you can recreate this and send a new log without regular / adventure games?


I am finding it hard to find the right log files to send you over, can you help with this please?

I am looking in: C:\Users[Name]\AppData\Local\Overwolf\Log

I am using the provided ‘Hearthstone Game Events Consumer Sample’ app installed and is working.

You can just zip file the entire Log folder and send it over.