Hearthstone Battlegrounds First Place not triggering correct match outcome

Hey @Shargaas,

That looks like it’s working, good edition there too!

I’ll update this thread if I run into any more issues while testing :slight_smile:


Hey @Shargaas,

I found that the Match_Type is not being found for the first game now, but for the second game it works fine.

I’m using the OnInfoUpdates method from the sample app and getting the match type like this:



Wer’e looking into it, we’ll give you an update soon.

Hey is there any update on this? match_type is still not happening for the first game.


I’ll check the status again and let you know

I haven’t forgot, I was just sick for a while and it got me held back. Promise to give you an update soon.

Hello @ge0r9e,

I apologize for the delay since our last response.
I was not able to reproduce this issue, please let me know if you’re still experiencing it.