[Hearthstone] Current scene not updated after leaving a friendly game

When going into a friendly match of Hearthstone, the scene is properly update to scene_gameplay.

However, when leaving the match, the new scene (m_mode == 8) is not notified. When directly asking for the scene (from gameInfo?.res?.game_info?.scene_state), the scene returned is also scene_gameplay.

To reproduce:

  • Go into a friendly match. The scene_gameplay info event is emitted
  • Finish the match, and go back to the deck selection screen. No scene changed event is raised, and if you query for the scene directly you still have scene_gaeplay.

Impact for my app: medium.
This breaks the detection of decks in friendly matches.

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue, and we will update you here.


Hi @sebastientromp, I discussed that with our team.

From your description, it sounds like you are talking about friendly-exhibition matches, in which you can challenge people from your personal friend’s list.

This is not a feature that we developed or supported at any point (i assume since most of our Hearthstone apps keep their focus on multiplayer matches/ranked/competitive, etc.).

I think this is something that we will probably need to establish and develop to detect it.

Can you tell me the importance level of it? That might take time and resources to develop, and I would like to understand this feature’s priority.


This is indeed linked to friendly-exhibition matches, however the event itself is more generic, and linked to any scene change from within the game, so I would expect it to work whatever happens. For instance, the scene change info event when going into the new “duels” mode works fine, even though no development was done for it (although it sends a “scene_unknown18” event value, but it’s good enough for me).

If you need help for this development I once again offer my services, as the scene detection works properly on my own memory reading plugin, which is why I’m pretty confident that should work regardless of the game mode (I don’t have event infos though, so I can’t replace the GEP solution at the moment, so I don’t have a real workaround).

Let me know :slight_smile:

As shown here, the info is properly sent when going from the main menu to the friendly lobby screen (where you select the deck). The issue is that it is not sent when going from the match (scene_gameplay) to the friendly lobby.

@sebastientromp We will add this bug to our backlog.
We will update you here once the fix is ready.


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