Here are the list of issues which I have

Issue No.1: Subfolder is not getting Created.?
Subfolder is not getting applied
Issue No.2: onHighlightsCaptured Events log is giving inaccurate event time. ? Sometimes its matching / sometimes it not matching.?

Wrong event time shown in the onHighlightsCaptured log

Issue No.3: Multiple application uses different replay modes then it won’t work. But it is working with Fuze with Manual and my application with auto. Vice versa is not working.?

Issue No.4: Synchronous code execution?

Issue No.5: How to identify the round of the event triggered.?

How to identify the round of the event in auto highlight capturing

Issue No.6: I am stopping the video in auto-highlights by calling turnoff but associated onHighlightsCaptured listener is not getting called?

Issue No.7: I have configured only kill event in highlights but it is capturing the kill,death,assist too

Issue No.8:Installing an application through .opk file is showing a black window. how to hide this.?

Please do update on these issue.


All the question has been replied, thank you.
We are trying to do our best, according to demand and priority. Sorry if that is sometimes causing a bit of a delay.
Note that some of the questions that you mentioned above waited for your reply for a long time.

@itayG FYI.