Hi need help in replay.capture


facing this issue while capturing

The image seems to have not uploaded correctly. Could you try to re-upload it?

cool i will upload again in sometime

Are you getting this when trying to call overwolf.media.replays.turnOn()?

no this i’m getting in capture() api, second call back.

Is it possible that you made two separate calls to capture that ended up running at the same time? Essentially:

at t = 2, you capture from t = 0 to t = 2 + 10
and then at t = 10, you capture from t = 9 to t = 10 + 3
so then the second capture ends up being called while the first is still running?

And if so, does it fix it if you make sure you stop them from clashing?

didn’t get you exactly, but am using only single call like below

The question is - does it happen on the first call to capture, or does it happen after there was already a previous call, in which case they might be overlapping?

okay let me explain the flow am using

if any kill happens ill call this function, some kills are captured perfectly but later some kills are in stuck. then in console this is showing.

i think it happen after a previous call

In that case, it sounds like it might be happening if the kills are too close to each-other.

In that case, you can try to use overwolf.media.replays.startCapture(), and then run a sort of timer to terminate it after no kill has happened for X time. And then, every time a kill happens, you reset that timer.

i will check and update here by tomo

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