Hot key failure

when I install overwolf and install my app for the first time, the hotkey cannot take effect, and I need to restart the game and overwolf.

Precondition:- Fresh Install Overwolf and Gameshots App
1.Launch the Gameshots app
2.Launch Apex Legends Game
3.Observe the Overlay and App appeared on launching the Apex Legends for the first time.
4.Start a match in Apex Legends.
5.Now Click on the Hotkeys for the following :-
a) Save Instant Replay - F6(Default)
b) Show/Hide App in Game - F7(Default)
c) Show/Hide the Overlay in Game - ALT+B(Default)
6) Observe none of the hotkey is working in game and Manual Video is not recorded

hey, we are not able to reproude it with our apps,

can you please send us your app,?

@weixiong-bst we found the bug, and will fix it for next version (195).

also this bug only happen when loading as unpack (dev), for real OPK it should work fine

Thank you very much. Please let me know if it is updated

Elad Bahar via Overwolf Developers Q&A <> 于2022年4月4日周一 02:20写道: