How can i add "feature" in game events sdk?

I’m adding game events to my game for overwolf developer.

So I tried to add a ‘feature’ like the code below, but I couldn’t do it because there is no reference (guide).

{ "info": {
    "level": { "level": "1" }
  "feature": "level"

How can i add “feature” in game events sdk?

The image below is **create event / set info key** function of the csharp dll wrapper.

Hi. I’m not sure what exactly you are trying to achieve here.

Which game is that? Where are you trying to add a feature? Are you talking about an existing feature?



oh, I apologize for not saying it properly.

I’m a game developer, and I’d like to add Available Features for Overwolf app developers as below as a game event sdk.


@KimDoge I think that it’s better first to sync up with our developer’s relations team.
@HeeeySusu will take it from here.

@KimDoge Did someone contacted with you about it? is it still relevant?

I contacted the person in Overwolf, and the problem was resolved.
thank you.